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Friday, December 31, 2010

GA Quiz 2010 - 3

Wish You All a Happy New Year 2011
1.  Recently RBI has given permission to the Department of Posts to launch its prepaid
     debit card having maximum value of Rs.___________.

     a) 10,000
     b) 20,000
     c) 30,000
     d) 50,000
     e) None of above

2.  Which of following countries has recently been launched world's first climate army,
     an exclusive force of nearly half a million “soldiers” trained to fight global warming?

     a) USA
     b) China
     c) India
     d) Japan
     e) Russia

3.  Government had freed petrol pricing from its administrative control on the
      recommendations of which of following Committees?

     a) Narasimiham Committee
     b) Ahluwalia committee
     c) Rangarajan committee
     d) Kirit Parikh committee
     e) None of above

4.  What is India’s ranking in World Prosperity Index list?
     a) 67th
     b) 76th
     c) 88th
     d) 87th
     e) None of above

5. Government has decided to limits number of commodity bourses at _____  to foster
     sustained growth of the commodity futures market.

     a) 7
     b) 8
     c) 10
     d) 12
     e) None of the above

6.  World Disabled Day is observed every year on _________.
     a) October 20
     b) September 15
     c) November 26
     d) December 3
     e) None of above

7. Which of the following is the amount of insurance cover provided to the workers of
    the unorganized sector under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana?

     a) Rs. 10,000/-
     b) Rs. 15,000/-
     c) Rs. 20,000/-
     d) Rs. 25,000/-
     e) Rs. 30,000/-

8. Which of the following has been appointed new Secretary General of the Lok

     a) D.R. Meena
     b) P. D.T. Achary
     c) T.K. Viswanathan
     d) M.S. Viswanathan
     e) None of above

9. Who is author of  book “Behenji - A Political Biography Of Mayawati”? 
     a) Ajay Bose
     b) Arjun Singh
     c) Natwar Singh
     d) Amit Das Gupta
     e) None of above

10. Which of following states has recently been launched “Ram Roti Yojana”, a
    scheme to provide full food per person at Rs 5 to poor people staying at Ren

     a) Bihar
     b) Orissa
     c) Rajasthan
     d) Madhya Pardesh
     e) None of above

11. Which of  the following EU member states has not yet adopted the single currency?
    a) Greece
    b) Iceland
    c) Denmark
    d) Netherlands
    e) None of above

12. Which one among the following is not a commodity exchange in India?
    a) MCX
    b) ICEX
    c) NMCE
    d) NCDEX
    e) CODEX

13. Inflation occurs when aggregate supply is________.
     a) Less than aggregate demand
     b) More than aggregate demand
     c) Equal to aggregate demand
     d) No relation between demand and supply
     e) None of these

14. Which of the following state has registered the maximum growth in Gross State
      Domestic Product in the year 2009-10 ?   

     a) Punjab
     b) Gujarat
     c) Maharashtra
     d) Chhattisgarh
     e) None of above

15. Which one of the following is not included in a capital budget?
     a) Expenditure on asset formation
     b) Interest payments
     c) Money collected from public borrowings
     d) Small savings collection by the Govt.
     e) All the above